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Info about the layout above

SIRIUS BLOG BLOCK is a good fit for clean, modern and minimalist blogs of any niche. You can use it on the homepage or on the blog page to display the most recent posts.  


Custom Aspect Ratio

The second section has thumbnails with custom aspect ratio – square (1:1) – adpated with CSS. The Divi default blog aspect ratio images is landscape (16:9) as seen on the first section. 


Custom Recent Posts Layout

The post layout design shown below was only possible due to custom CSS code. This design option will not be found on the default Divi blog module.


Automatic Blog Posts

It means you will not need to choose the text, images, and links manually. To display the posts, you simply need to have at least 9 posts with featured images. That’s all! Your posts will show in chronological order once you upload the layout.


Responsive Layout

The layout is fully responsive and will work pretty well on big desktop screens, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Ready to go!


Beautiful Typography

Beautiful typography has also the mission to convey a message. A smooth rounded font was chosen to give the layout a friendlier and modern appeal.